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Moni Micha was born in Lubny in Ukraine in 1976, Moni attended Wisconsin international university for his bachelor's in Business administration. And in the same university, he got to finish his masters in Business administration as well. "Getting married directly after college in an early unstable stage of life wasn't a bad choice but he had to do something big to have a life he had always dreamed of. Moni and Me with two kids were living in a single bedroom apartment holding no furniture and sometimes no food but only surviving just after we had moved from Ukraine to England. The room became his office floor and that was his first step towards the ladders of success as he climbed looking at my kids with no toys in their hands, which he promised to change one day ". Said Moni mocha's wife Michelle in an interview in 2017

His loan for education kept him under stress of earning some money as fast as possible, working part-time and being good with numbers got him into trading stocks, in early 2000 he started with Forex trading and entered the cryptocurrency world by 2010,
Until then he had faced challenges but his strategies were strong and the hunger for money kept him motivated. Yes, there were few losses he had to face until he got the popularity for his computational skills and for the first time he started working full time as a forex trading analyst for almost 1 year and the game changed, he received an offer as an advisor which continued for 10 forex trading companies in a row, those are at the top in the market even now.
Entering into Cryptocurrency world got him a different perspective and made his vision more vigorous.
He had this dream of having his own name on the company profile as he worked with top companies to know what is the biggest fair of people when it comes to trading and this network marketing which he learnt by closely working in different networks just to understand the psyche of its nature.
He gathered his college friends who were good at cryptography, computer science coding, working with them day and night for a year straight made which became worlds "First BlockChain & Cryptocurrency based Index Fund Services Marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence".
Achieving such is not enough for him and yet he continues to stay on his toes to make further beautiful things to happen. He is not just an Entrepreneur but, a social figure who has been a secret helper to all the people who has dreams to become big someday.
Moni Micha, CEO
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Moni Micha

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CSR Activities

Moni Micha being the CEO of Monifinex Global LTD. made it compulsory for the organisation to not only fund the CSR activities but Individually Participate contributing as Corporate Social Responsibility as a Philosophy and yet He as an individual being known for his activities, he calls it his Individual Growth trigger.

Health Care:
After losing his parents the past 14 years, and then Ukraine becoming an independent nation, the country had made major strides toward achieving political and economic reforms. Despite these successes, many challenges still lie ahead, particularly in the area of health care for older people. The average life expectancy in Ukraine is only 67 years, and those who achieve old age often live in poverty. Women are expected to retire from their professions at age 55 and men at 60. Pensions are so low that retirees are often forced to take laborious jobs on the streets. Because of deficiencies in medical education, deteriorating hospital facilities, a lack of modern medications and supplies, and inadequate physician payment mechanisms that breed corruption, many elderly people mistrust the medical system and often turn to folk medicines and Eastern medical practices to treat their illnesses. By understanding the expectations and former medical practices of elderly patients who have emigrated from Ukraine, Western physicians will be better able to meet their emotional and medical needs is not enough. Moni Micha being a part of such society finds this a big responsibility on his shoulders and every year he spends 25% of his Monihealth funds to reach all those who he finds needy, and all that can happen is only when they start believing that there is a hope of light inside their home. Thus not being so open to showcase his work MoniMicha is also famously being called a secret helper by his folks around him.

His struggle for his own education is one motivating subjects that he never steps back for. He once said that education is the only way all the things in his newborn country can develop and help them embrace what they have as a resource. The freedom is not free if it's not freed from the arrogance and fulfilled with the beautiful words of wisdom, which will return not only the individual a strong mental and physical growth but growing to the whole nation with it.
His initiative to help all the native speakers to be encouraged and helped with love, His initiatives for the Events and funding the local Educational reforms brings him close to his motherland and the nostalgic childhood struggles despite he calls those moments as one of the best memories he ever had.

Helping the lungs of Earth to breathe fresh.

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